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“Quality is a result of sustained efforts and a will to change for the better and serve better.”

We understand that our pipes are used by unskilled and semi skilled people in India who are in agriculture industry. Our pipes primarily are used for irrigation.

The commitment of SHREE UMA INDUSTRIES is to manufacture and supply pipes that meet IS standards the company is respected for. The brand value of UMA is a ringing name due to its consistent efforts to listen to its customers and buyers (dealers & distributors). On the basis of this feedbacks, our products are designed. We work not only on products but on whole system to make it easy for buyers at every stage to purchase our pipes.

We also design our pipes and other products so a farmer has ease of building their piping system, making the customer experience delightful.

The Company Is ISO Certified And Has The Systems In Place To Deliver High Quality Products. It Has The Most Efficient Processes And Well Trained Man Power To Meet Its Quality Standards That Are Already High.

The Equipment And Machinery Used In The Production Are State Of The Art, That Ensure That Production Is Always Going To Be Of Expected Standards Of Quality.

The Raw Material And Inputs Are Bought From Dependable Suppliers Again Quality Full Proof.